Commissioning someone to pass on a message to people of another language and culture – in essence, serving as a mouthpiece – requires a high level of trust and confidence in the skills of the interpreter, translator or editor. 

This is why the team of Wort & Schrift places a strong emphasis on excellence, communication, competence, confidentiality and proper preparation.

For Wort & Schrift, excellence is not just as a standard to strive for but rather a reality to be lived every day. 

Wort & Schrift achieves this by using clear methods and a consistent philosophy.

Understanding client needs. Defining requirements. Communicating clearly and with a focus on results. 

These are Wort & Schrift’s ingredients for an excellent and successful project.

Language is constantly changing, topics develop and evolve. Professional editors, translators and interpreters see their work as a lifelong learning process. 

Attending further training courses and refining one’s skills is as important as staying abreast of the latest developments in language and issues.

For Wort & Schrift, this is a basic assumption, not an option. And that goes for confidential treatment of all information that comes up in the course of a project, as well as for the technical and organizational standards that ensure this confidentiality.

For excellent results, preparation is half the battle. Erika and Carola carefully analyze projects with their clients and takes the time to fully prepare the necessary content, so that every text, every translation and every event is a communication success. 

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